Young drivers are needed more than ever, here’s why

The fact is, the UK has over 50,000 unfilled driving roles and this is increasing by the day, this is mainly due to 2 factors: there are more HGV drivers retiring than there are qualifying, and Brexit has caused a lot of continental drivers to move to other European countries mainly due to the devaluation of the pound.

These factors will worsen an already growing staffing crisis in the industry, so what is the solution?

Here at the HGV Recruitment Centre we passionately believe this solution in Newly Qualified Drivers.

In the past there has been a reticence to hire new drivers, mainly down to insurance and experience issues. This has become less of a problem with companies self-insuring.

One of the main concerns and perceptions is that new drivers are unsafe. Having placed over 200 newly qualified drivers in the past 3 months we would argue the complete opposite. New drivers are safer as they have just passed their test, theory and CPC. This information is fresh in their minds and will be applied in a practical way as a driver starts their career. New drivers also come with no bad driving habits and are easier for trainers and assessors to teach good driving techniques. This also applies to all areas of health and safety.

Attitude is also important. We love nothing more than offering a new driver their first role. This is greeted with excitement and gratitude; all our stats indicate that a newer driver is also more likely to stay in the post recognising the employer that gave them a chance.

So, if you are looking for someone that is more safety conscious, more likely to stay and infinitely more grateful for the opportunity then new drivers are the answer and, we believe the future of this industry.

The HGV Recruitment Centre have hundreds of examples of new driver successes, for more information (whether you are a driver or a client) please get in touch so we can share these stories with you and how we can help you. If you are are eager to get your first HGV job then give us a call at 01582 957370


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