Women HGV drivers are on the rise!

Women HGV drivers are on the rise!

When someone thinks of a HGV driver they would typically imagine a middle aged man. We are glad to say that this trend is changing as more and more women appear to be joining the industry.

As the general perceptions of a truck driver slowly change, people are starting to realise that female HGV drivers can do the job just as well as men, if not even better.

The industry stats for female drivers stands around 2% but this is changing as more enter the sector.

In the past 10 years the standard and comfort of the trucks have improved with better beds, mod cons and home comforts. There are also many less manual HGV roles that don’t need someone of strength to do the job well.

All these factors and the perceptions of female HGV drivers are changing all the time and here at HGV Recruitment we hope that trend continues.