Various types of HGV jobs: Skills that employers are looking for

Types of HGV work

There are many different types of HGV jobs available, often requiring working for different industries, in which you will need different skills due to the different work that needs to be carried out. These not only help from an employer’s point of view, but will also assist you with regards your HGV Career.

HGV Multi Drop – Usually involves doing in excess of 65 drops per day and not covering a large area. Usually also done in smaller vehicles such as 7.5ton lorries.

HGV Short Haul  – Not as many drops as multi drop, but involves larger drops, covering a smaller area.  

HGV Long Haul – Fewer drops but a longer distance between drops.

HGV Single Drop – Involves a much bigger delivery usually with the help of a driver’s mate.

HGV 5 on 3 off  – Is a very common type of HGV job, which involves working 5 days on and 3 days off as agreed.

HGV Continental – Expect to be away from home for much larger periods of time.

HGV ADR  – ADR work involves driving large Tankers transporting hazardous chemicals such as petrol, liquid nitrogen and anything deemed no too good for the environment.


On a regional basis this can include:

HGV City driving – Operating lorries, tipper trucks, bin lorries and other types of HGV vehicles in more congested driving zones. These HGV jobs don’t tend to be too far from home.

HGV Local – Involves travelling up to 100 miles from the depot.

HGV UK – Driving across the UK . Involves travelling anywhere across England, Wales, Scotland and Norther Ireland. May well involve being away from home for a few nights in a row.

There are so many options in terms of available jobs and what kinds of work that can be carried out. It may be that you prefer one job to another and can discover what is best for you.

HGV Driver Skills

Very often HGV driving involves being alone on the open road. An HGV career has a high turnover rate and to be successful at it, you would need to:

Be Responsible: An HGV driver should be responsible on the road, be aware of health and safety requirements, be able to look after the lorry and the load that is being transported. As well as  to treat other road users and customers with care.

Be alert: A Lorry Driver should always be alert especially with regards to the road, road users and conditions, ensuring that rest is regularly undertaken.

Be able to work on your own: A lot of the time spent is on your own and as a result will have to manage problems on your own.

Have a good Driving Record: A lorry driver must have and keep a good driving record as to provide assurances to the company that is worked for and ultimately to be considered safe on the road.

Have Customer Service Skills: Good customer service skills are essential when dealing with customers and helping them to unload the goods.

Know Basic Lorry Mechanics: Be able to know how to carry out quick repairs such as changing a tyre etc..

Have Maintenance Abilities: An HGV driver should be able to carry out routine check ups and maintenance tasks with the lorry as required.

Have Physical Stamina: Be able to have good stamina to be able to load and unload the lorry, as well as for the long distance drives involved.

Manage Stress: An HGV driver occupation can be very stressful for drivers, both by being on the road and due other duties involved. This can be quite taxing for the lorry driver and you should be aware of the consequences.

Be on Time: All pick ups and deliveries should all be done on time.