They call it madness

The UK has over 50,000 unfilled driving roles, the logistics sector is under constant price pressure so has limited opportunities to directly address skills shortages/ training needs, it’s seen as (and it is being sold as) a potentially lucrative career, there’s a boom in people self-funding their own professional driver training and yet…….


…..there are a lot of newly qualified LGV drivers frustrated at the lack of opportunity or at the roadblocks placed in their way (lack of experience, no time to train, get some agency experience)….


……and a lot of driving businesses (and driving agencies) chasing the same driver ‘pool’, in ever decreasing circles.


We know because we talk to these drivers. Newly Qualified Drivers are the only drivers we work with – we’re passionate about beating this driver challenge.


So far this year we have placed 142 newly qualified drivers into either long-term assignments or into permanent roles with our clients.


No short-term assignments, all with well defined, structured induction programmes that ensure two things happen

  • The driver succeeds in their new role
  • The client hiring requirement is filled once, and once only – no short-term driver churn


If we can’t see the induction programme working, we won’t do it. That’s not arrogance, it’s just about being realistic in a sector where demand exceeds supply and where these drivers – who have invested considerable time, effort and money to qualify – deserve to be supported into the workplace.


It’s an old adage – but the better someone is inducted, the longer they stay.

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