Richard Due

HGV Jobs Newly Qualified Recruitment Success Story

I worked as a Occupational Therapist for almost 5 years.   It was not my real dream as I grew up with my Father and Brother with driving mechanic expertise.

It is my weakest point and I decided to reach aiming to be a lorry driver.  I stood confident, and looked out to other driver… I said to my self, ‘If they can do it, I can do it as well.”  I asked help to guide me in my exams and training till I successfully pass my exams.

I started my work in a agency for few weeks and  now focusing on doing full time job thanks to HGV Recruitment.  My word to everybody, ‘love your work and everybody will love you too!”

Everyday is challenging and new task keeps coming in.   I treat my job as my hobbies and serves as my happiness what ever role it is.