Raymond Boland

I was running a recycling business for several years based out of Islington. After some thought I decided to pursue a career working as an HGV Driver. The main reasons were that I really like driving and the people that work within the transport sector.

Initially I took my Class 2 license before deciding to upskill to a Class 1 license.

After I passed my Class 1 I really struggled to find work, I kept being told I needed to get some experience first. The question I wondered was how can I get experience if companies were not prepared to give me a chance?

Luckily for me I then came across HGV Recruitment. They explained to me that they specialise and champion newly qualified drivers and have clients happy to embrace new drivers into their business.

Within a week of speaking to the team I was offered an opportunity with a leading food retailer driving Class 1.

The assessment and induction went well, right from the start they knew I was newly qualified and this was not an issue at all.

I was given a buddy for a few days and was very quickly up to speed and allowed to go out on my own. I was well looked after by both HGV Recruitment and their client.

It has now been six months and I am confidence in my new career, thank you to the team at HGV Recruitment for giving me a chance as a new driver.