Prabin Shrestha

HGV Recruitment Newly Qualified HGV Driver Success Story

I was working as a self -employed private hire taxi driver. It was a good experience and I enjoyed being my own boss. But I also missed the time with my family as the more I worked, the more I earned. I remember working nearly 50-60 hour weeks to reach my target.

One day I picked up a client who was an HGV driver. I was very impressed with the information and experience he shared. I felt this may be the job I wanted to experience. When I was back home I used to own a 15-ton truck, covering when the driver was off and I used to enjoy driving. So, I started my training and passed my HGV Class 2 license but did not work because I wanted to complete Class 1 as well. I thought my hard time was over, but finding a job was another challenge. I applied for the job in various places but all declined because I did not have experience. I started to worry and it made me feel that I wasted my money. I continued looking for a job and one day I found a job advertised from HGV Recruitment for newly qualified drivers. It gave me some hope and I applied. They were very quick in replying and very supportive throughout the recruitment process. The team was in touch with me reassuring everything is OK.

Now I am working in of the most reputed companies. It was a challenge at first but I am becoming comfortable and enjoying this job. I can now gain experience and further my career progression.

I am very grateful to HGV Recruitment and would like to thank them for supporting and providing me with this opportunity.