Nonilon Atienza

Before I decided to become an HGV Driver I spent 10 years working in maintenance, mainly in care homes. I wasn’t enjoying this, so decided to start a completely new career as an HGV driver.

I registered with HGV Training who assisted me the whole way through the training process. Within just a few months I had my Class 2 license and set about finding my first driving job. At first, I struggled through a few unsuccessful applications with employers who were reluctant to take on a new driver, until I was contacted by the HGV Recruitment Centre.

It was refreshing to speak to an agency who specialize in helping new drivers just like me. They took time to explain how the industry works and what the job really entails. They also explained how they work with specifically with clients who run new driver programmes.

Within 2 weeks of speaking to HGV Recruitment, I was placed in an induction programme with a leading supermarket brand. I was given a mentor for two weeks who helped me to gain confidence in my driving skills and the process of store deliveries. After that, I was signed off and ready to go out on my own.

I’ll be honest and say that the first few deliveries were challenging, but within a very short period of time my confidence grew. I’d like to thank everyone involved because I have felt well looked after throughout the entire process. Particular thanks go to the team at HGV Recruitment Centre who continue to support me, even now. They get in touch every week or so, to see how I’m getting on. It’s great to know I’ve got that kind of back up.