Michael Hanson

Working as a team leader at Sainsburys for the last 8 years, I was always keen to go down the HGV route and gain my license, it was always a motivation that I never came round to doing.

I had many family members from grandfathers to uncles who had their HGV license and made a career out of it, as my motivation and I was also keen to follow in their footsteps.

I finally decided to go forward with it and gain my license with specialised training, I knew there was a recruitment function within the company that could help me find work but I also understood that it was very difficult to get into the industry with no experience.

Whilst in the process of training I was in contact with HGV recruitment who spoke to me about current opportunities, once my training was finished, I was in a job within 2 weeks. I am super thankful to the HGV team, what a great company to go forward with, that takes you through the full process of training and then into a job. Thank you guys!