Matthew Potterton

I absolutely love driving and always have from a young age. Throughout my career I worked as a delivery driver for various companies and I knew that uplifting to my HGV licence was the sensible choice as it provided a better income.

I am also a chef by trade but I had to make a choice what I wanted to do, making this decision was easy for me as I love driving and doing something you love makes the working day a lot easier.

Training for my HGV was challenging due to medical conditions that I had gone through in the past, thankfully the DVLA accepted my application I was able to do complete my HGV licence. Towards the latter stages of completing the training I was in contact with HGV Recruitment, the people working there were very helpful and explained to me the opportunities that they had an offer. After receiving my licences in the post I was given an assessment within a week which I passed first time. I am now working for a great company and enjoying life. Thank you to the team at HGV recruitment for the help they provided me, I highly recommend this service.