Marek Wojtas

Before deciding to take my Class 1 license I spent 12 years working as a Class 2 driver as well as sometime working as a drivers mate.

I chose to go into the HGV sector as I wanted to have more consistent work and find better job opportunities that I used to have. My friend was working as a Class 1 driver and advised me to do the training which is much quicker as it was only the practical training and no need for theories, medicals and a CPC as I already has these with my Class 1 license.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and passing my test, sadly for me finding a Class 1 job was not as easy and enjoyable as the training.

I was then contacted by HGV Recruitment who explained to me that their specialism was finding newly qualified drivers work with their clients. Since that call they arranged for me to have an assessment with a well known business local to me. I was successful and started very quickly afterwards. The company have been really helpful in assisting me with Class 1 work and now a few weeks later I am happy and confident in the role. This is exactly what I wanted to do so am very happy to have been given this chance and that I found HGV Recruitment. Thanks to the team, I am well looked after. If there are any issues at all the team are quick to come back to me to resolve. I am now looking forward to developing my Class 1 HGV Career.