Marcin Walczyk

I came to UK in 2015 and I worked as a gardener. I’ve been thinking about changing jobs for long time. I wanted to pursue a career working as a HGV driver as I like driving.

I did a driving license Class 1 in the UK and I started looking for a job.
I did not expect it to be so difficult to find a job without experience, especially in the area where I currently live.

I was lucky to find HGV Recruitment Centre who are specialists in finding jobs for new HGV drivers. They gave me the job I just wanted. I was placed into a big company that gave me the training I needed.

From the first phone I knew that I found the right person ( it was Mr. Damon Jones), who conducted the recruitment process properly.
Mr. Damon Jones always supported me and I always received help and answers for any of my questions, and believe me there were a lot of them.
I feel very well in my new role and I can’t wait for my next drive.

Thank you HGV Recruitment for giving me a chance as a new driver.