Justas Bačiulis

I was working as a courier driver for over a year and, although I was grateful for the job I had, I wanted to advance my career and earn more money to support my family.

Around that time, I saw an advert for HGV Training which was interesting as I thought a change of direction might help me with my situation. I made an enquiry and the helpful team explained the process of training and finding a job. Honestly, it sounded too good to be true, but I decided to just go for it!
As promised, I did complete my training in just a matter of months, becoming a fully qualified HGV Class 2 driver. I was really happy about this, but worried about finding a job.

Just a couple of days after passing my driving qualification, I received a call from The HGV Recruitment Centre. They worked with me through every step of the recruitment process, keeping me regularly updated. It wasn’t long before they found a suitable opportunity for me. Before the interview the HGV team told me what to expect in the interview and the kinds of things I could say.

I was delighted to be offered the position and am really happy with the role. The service provided to me by HGV Recruitment Centre was life-changing, and my thanks go to the whole team for their help.