Iwona Stepniak

I was working 10 years in a food factory and needed to change my job. I wanted to pursue a career working as a HGV Driver as I like driving.

I got my Class 1, and my bus license in Poland and come back to the UK to find work as a HGV driver.

I looked solidly for 4 months and really struggled to find anything. I kept being told I wasn’t good enough with reversing and needed to get more experience. How can you get experience if companies are not prepared to give you a chance?

Then I got in touch with HGV Recruitment. They told me that they specialise in newly qualified drivers and have clients that will take on new drivers into their business.

I was offered an opportunity with a leading food transport company and they were happy to give me extra training on reversing and gave me a buddy driver for a week to build up my confidence.

All the staff where really helpful and nice towards me, this really help me as I was very nervous because my confidence was at rock bottom.

I am now in my third week and I feel like it is getting better and better and I hope this can be my job for years

Thank you HGV Recruitment for giving me a chance as a new driver.