Daren Hill

Before deciding to become an HGV Driver I was working in an office work for several years, after some long thinking I decided it was time to make a career change and pursue HGV Driving.

The main reason why I decided to become an HGV Driver is that I felt like I needed a change, I heard the industry has a high level of job security and stability.
I found the training HGV training very useful and straight forward, I really enjoyed it.

Luckily for me finding a job was not so much of an issue. I had heard all the stories of how hard it was to find an HGV role as a newly qualified driver.
I trained through HGV training who have a sister business, HGV Recruitment.

They were in touch with me when I finished my training and helped me to get ready for my first role as an HGV driver. Quickly after they introduced me to a well known business who in conjunction with HGV Recruitment were running a newly qualified driver programme.

I successfully got onto the scheme and have not looked back since. I was given a mentor for two weeks who helped me get used to the job. Since then I have been out on my own and all is well.

Thank you HGV Recruitment for all your help and making the supposed difficult task of finding a role as a new driver very easy indeed.