Reasons you should be a HGV driver

If you enjoy your personal space, being on the roads and a variation in work then working as a HGV driver could be your ideal career. There are many reasons why you may choose to become a HGV driver ,we have detailed 3 of the main reasons below.

  1. More earning potential
    There are far too few drivers in the workforce to fill the available job opportunities which increases the demand for HGV drivers and therefore the  wages continue to gradually rise. In addition, drivers often have the option to work long hours to earn even more money than you would get from a normal 9-5 job.
  2. Variety of HGV driving work
    There is a broad spectrum of career choices to choose from once you’ve obtained your HGV license, from long-distance drivers who get to explore the country and even venture out to other countries to local drivers who operate within a fixed region of the UK which would be close to the company’s depot. And there are many more paths to choose from such as city haulers, trunking and so on to suit your personal preference.
  3. Great HGV Driving Jobs
    As you gain more experience on your HGV license, the amount of opportunities also increases and there are a lot of companies that would be happy to take you on to assist your career development. Furthermore, because of the increasing demand for drivers, there is a much higher level of job security in comparison to other lines of work.

We hope this was of some value to you and would love to learn more about the reasons you became a HGV driver or are considering  becoming one.