Making great connections

We’re motivated by placing brilliant HGV drivers in the right job. It’s a matter of connecting the dots, linking determined and loyal driver with supportive employers around the UK. This interactive map is designed to make it all that little bit easier.

Each dot on the map represents a real driver. You can choose to look at those who are still in training and will be entering workforce very soon. Or you can look at those who are newly qualified and ready to roll.

Use this handy tool to locate your next top drivers and we’ll make the connection for you

Enquire here

Step 1: Please tell us whether you are an employer or a driver

Step 2: To enquire about a driver, simply click their dot on the map, add your business details to this form and hit submit. Please send a new form for each driver that you’d like to know about. We’ll then be in touch with more info.

Step 2: If you’re an HGV driver and would like to appear on this map, send us your details using this form.