Inducting newly qualified HGV Drivers the right way

Having spent the last five years working with newly qualified HGV drivers and clients alike, we believe there are certain do’s and don’t’ when it comes to hiring newly qualified HGV drivers.

There has been a recent shift with more companies now considering newly qualified drivers, in our opinion this is great news.

After all, newly qualified HGV drivers are the lifeblood to an industry with well documented HGV Driver shortages.

It’s one thing to bring new drivers in, it’s another to do so and get it right.

Achieve this and you end up with excellent drivers and even better retention rates.

Here at HGV Recruitment, having seen this first hand, we believe the assessment and induction process needs to be considerate of the fact that the HGV driver is newly qualified.

Working with a number of our clients we have seen some excellent examples of inductions that involve additional training (where needed), mentoring and easier routes to start them off.

That upfront investment in getting it right leads to much better and sustainable outcomes.

We would love to hear from drivers and clients alike on their experiences of newly qualified HGV drivers joining their business.

As the UK’s specialist in placing HGV new drivers we understand from both HGV training and recruitment what works and what sadly doesn’t. Get it right and the HGV driver shortage will fast become a thing of the past!

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