3 Interesting Facts about HGV Jobs and the HGV industry

As a HGV driver you’ve probably learnt a lot about the job and what’s required to be a great driver.

We thought you might be interested in a few interesting facts about driving and the positive impact this has on people’s lives.

  1. Annual mileage
    Many drivers don’t usually pay attention to this statistic, the average (long distance) HGV driver does around 125,000 miles a year which equates to 2,500 miles a week!
  2. Where does everything come from
    Eighty-five percent of everything we buy, use, eat, drink and wear is moved by a UK-registered lorry which means we’d be starving, freezing and naked without our amazing HGV drivers
  3. How many HGV drivers are there in the UK?
    There are an estimated 285,000 lorry drivers in the UK of whom only 1.2 percent are women. Sadly at this time there are more people leaving the sector than joining,  some of these reasons are listed here

We love stats and would love to hear from you if you have other interesting numbers relating to the HGV driving industry

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